Adding accounts

How to add an IM, social or email account to Trillian at any time

All of the accounts you use for various services can be found in one spot. You may add, change or delete accounts at any time that Trillian is running.
Tip: Trillian isn't going to create accounts for you, so you must have existing accounts at any of the services you wish to connect to. At the top of your contact list, click the Trillian Button in the upper left then Manage Accounts.
Tip: An alternate way to manage your accounts is to click any of the connection icons, then Manage Accounts.


With Trillian Preferences open to the Accounts screen, click the Add a new account button as shown below:


You are presented with a list of services.
Tip: If a service is missing, make sure it's not disabled in the Plugins section of Trillian Preferences. Click a service, then you'll be asked to provide your existing account details for that service:


  1. Type your username. Note that some of your IM usernames may be a full email address.
  2. Type your password.
  3. Click Connect. Trillian will immediately try to connect to the service.


Your contact list now shows Online and the [g] icon lights up, to show we're connected to that service.